Accessing your online travel itinerary

Entering your reservation number

You will find your reservation number on your ticket or on the confirmation provided by your agent. It is sometimes referred to as "PNR" or "Record Locator". If you do not have your reservation number, please contact your agent.

The reservation number is a 6 digit alphanumeric code, ie. it contains letters and numbers. You will only need to enter these 6 digits and never any codes that follow or precede it.

It does not make a difference for Checkmytrip whether you enter it in upper or lower case.

Entering your name

Your last name needs to be entered exactly as it appears in the reservation. Do not enter your first name or other information in this field.

View your travel itinerary online:


  • - eTicket receipt
  • - Add to desktop calendar or PDA
  • - Destination information

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